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Playing with Animals

The Mission of the L.Monique Foundation is linking together diverse families, youth and community members to build a brighter future for our children.

Formed in January 2019, we are committed to the idea that every young person, from all neighborhoods and backgrounds of Duval County (Jacksonville, Fl.) deserves encouragement, support, nurturing and essential resources to succeed.

We also believe that no man or entity is an island. So, by cultivating partnerships with local government, community leaders, business

associations and corporate partners, our goal is to demonstrate to the youth of Duval County that our village is strong and united.

For far too long, the narrative attached to our young people has been negative and bleek, but we know better, so we must better by them.  

Shaking our head is no longer the acceptable response. We work together to find solutions. We reward good behavior to showcase the young people who preserve despite their circumstances. We mentor those who have no family and offer guidance because every child can be saved. Finally celebrate our victories the only we we know how... BIG and BOLD!. 

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