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Monique L. Ross

Founder & CEO

After the sudden death of her husband in 2017, Monique Ross had to find a way to pick up the pieces, raise her 3 beautiful girls, Jasmine, Sierra, and Zarah and discover how she would live the rest of her life.  

Major Elgin Rick and Monique Ross’ 21-year military marriage took the two and their family across the United States and around the world. They Ross family lived in Japan, Hawaii, Virginia and finally Colorado. The experiences had great impact on Monique and her girls, but there was never any place like home.


A native of Jacksonville, Florida, graduate of Jean Ribault High School and devout Jaguars fan, Monique returned home after Rick’s death for year of reflection and healing. However, realizing the void left by her childhood sweetheart would remain forever, Monique began to focus on her other passion, children.


Monique has always been an advocate for youth and has adopted and welcomed young people into her life and home from the moment she was able--up until this very day. Monique's childhood was unconventional. She grew up in a blended family and lived with other relatives, when needed.

Perhaps the frequent shifts in stability instilled in her the importance of loyalty and consistency. Perhaps the love she received from her extended family in turn opened her heart to accept and nurture all those around her.


Always reflecting on the mercy and grace of God in her life, Monique embraced her "#Life After the Death" by doing what she does by nature, giving of herself. She has since vowed to "#be happy on purpose", taking on speaking engagements and infusing into everyone around her that signature positivity and optimism. 

The L. Monique Foundation is the embodiment of the light that shines from within, despite her trials and tragedies. The mission to give and connect is truly sincere and straight from the heart. 

" We want to be part of changing the narrative about our youth."

Monique Ross reflects on the importance of the gift of Championship Rings for the Raines Football Team.

Meet The Board


Lamnette Douglas


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Jasmine Ross



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