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Sow 2 Soar is a scholarship program benefiting high school cheerleaders and dancers. The purpose is to provide cash resources to freshmen for essential supplies during their first college semester. 

Any cheer/dance parent will tell you that cheerleaders/dancers are athletes too. They endure pain and sacrifice, and are just as committed as the players on the field or the court...while doing it with style and grace.


Please join us in honoring and supporting those who embody the very soul and spirit of our beloved games


Click below download 2022 Scholarship Applications




After speaking with a group of 5th graders about the power of self respect and pride, Founder, Monique Ross saw apprehension on the faces of some students. It was clear that a few did not live in environments where such basic needs were provided.

Knowing the impact caused by the lack of items that seem mundane to many of us, she asked a teacher if it was feasible to house a Hygiene Closet in the classroom. This way, students with the greatest needs could discretely access items like deodorant, feminine products, combs, brushes, toothbrushes toothpaste and floss.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in donating to a local Hygiene Closet.

 Scholarship Recipients and Goalminers

2020 was a difficult time for our students due to Covid-19. However we are so pleased that we were able to still be a part of the change in narrative for the youth in our community.  We were able to give out scholarships to two deserving young ladies. Paris Richardson from Jean Ribault Sr. High School and Jamiya Brown from Robert E. Lee High School.  These two young ladies have proven to be the ideal type of young leaders that exemplify the core values of the LMonique Foundation.   

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the key to building the bridge between poverty and financial freedom. The LMonique Foundation has made a commitment to the community to make sure we educate our youth on money management. 


We have created programs that range from basic banking, stocks, money market accounts and  proper credit usage that will give each student a core understanding of money management as a lifestyle.


We have a team of tenured bankers, financial advisors and credit specialist  that educate the youth through hands on seminars/workshops in the Duval County schools and off campus sites. 


Please click here to Contact Us   about scheduling a hands on seminar/workshop for your facility or youth group

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