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Our Commitment to Making a Difference
Through Programs

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Lunch & Learn
Food and Fundamentals of life 

Financial Literacy

At LMonique Foundation, we take pride in empowering young people with the tools they need to manage their finances effectively. Our mission is to provide financial literacy, money management tools, and resources to help young people take control of their financial futures. We believe that every young person should have access to the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve their financial goals.

Health and Wellness

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of young people, through health, wellness, character development and growth opportunities. Our programs are designed to teach youth the importance of accountability, self-respect and good decision making, all in a supportive and welcoming environment. We strive to create a better world by investing in tomorrow's leaders, today.

Mentorship 101

The LMonique Foundation is dedicated to providing young people with the guidance and mentorship they need to succeed in life. Our program is designed to help students find their direction and develop the skills they need to achieve their goals. We offer a variety of resources, including one-on-one mentoring, group workshops, and educational resources. Our team of experienced mentors is committed to helping students discover their potential and build the foundation for a successful future.



After speaking with a group of 5th graders about the power of self respect and pride, Founder, Monique Ross saw apprehension on the faces of some students. It was clear that a few did not live in environments where such basic needs were provided.

Knowing the impact caused by the lack of items that seem mundane to many of us, she asked a teacher if it was feasible to house a Hygiene Closet in the classroom. This way, students with the greatest needs could discretely access items like deodorant, feminine products, combs, brushes, toothbrushes toothpaste and floss.

Empowering the next generation is what drives us at LMonique Foundation. We focus on providing young people with the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources they need to be their best selves, both in and out of challenging situations. We prioritize youth protection and prevention through innovative self-defense programs, education, mentorship, and community outreach. We are committed to working with young people to ensure they develop the right skills and mindset to tackle any obstacle with confidence.

 Scholarship Recipients and Goalminers

As a youth non-profit organization, the LMonique Foundation is committed to providing scholarships, mentorship, and membership opportunities to young people. Our scholarship program aims to remove financial barriers, allowing students to access the education they deserve. We also provide mentorship to youth to help them achieve their full potential and provide guidance on their educational and professional journey. Our memberships offer support and community to our members, helping them to feel connected to a group of like-minded individuals.





Sow 2 Soar is a scholarship program benefiting high school cheerleaders and dancers. The purpose is to provide cash resources to freshmen for essential supplies during their first college semester. 

Any cheer/dance parent will tell you that cheerleaders/dancers are athletes too. They endure pain and sacrifice, and are just as committed as the players on the field or the court...while doing it with style and grace.


Please join us in honoring and supporting those who embody the very soul and spirit of our beloved games


Click below download 2022 Scholarship Applications


  In Memory of
Major Elgin "Rick'' Ross

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